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 The mission of the La Salle Catholic College Preparatory Library is to ensure that the students and staff are effective users and producers of ideas and information.
The Hamersly Library is a hub of student activity at La Salle Prep. The Librarian and Technology Department are always available to assist students with electronic and print-based information gathering and finding books for assignments or independent reading.

The Hamersly Library was built in 2005La Salle Prep recognizes the importance of information skills in the 21st century. The library plays an integral role in helping students develop their capacity to locate, evaluate, and apply information. Classes frequently visit the library to work on specific projects. The Librarian works in collaboration with classroom teachers to offer instruction and assistance with research and projects.  It is the mission of the Hamersly Library to provide high-quality services and to develop collections that support La Salle's academic standards.

In addition to more than 12,000 books, 3 daily newspapers, and dozens of magazines, the library has many other resources for students, faculty and staff. Students can access resources through the Library Catalog (on campus access) and Online Databases (including eBooks).